About us

Our goal is to help your organization effectively address the Human Resources function in your business. The role of HR is to function as a business partner and help deliver the organizations goals , drive employee performance and enhance the employee experience. Our experienced team has built and transformed the HR Function in numerous businesses across industries to manage their people effectively and increase revenue and profitability for the business.

Our team also ensures that all administrative HR support that your business requires will be delivered in accordance to UAE labour law and in a timely and professional manner.

Our Mission

Amalco HR Services is 100% Local Company. Amalco provides a diverse range of specialized Human Resource services to the highest international standards. We will achieve our mission by:

  • Investment in technology
  • Investment in our people
  • Investment in national development
  • Providing a high level of quality support to our Customers.
  • Systematic review of our business activities to enable rapid adaptations to market forces.

Why Choose Amalco HR

We understand that Human CAPITAL is an organization’s most valuable asset and our aim is to utilize it through our management team with years of combined experience specializing in Oil & Gas industries. Our future goals involve expanding our reach into Constructions, Heavy Engineering, Electronics and Banking and provide the necessary HR Management & Operations frame work to support HR Outsourcing.

In our HR world, focused delivery of HR Outsourcing not only provides for significant SAVINGS by eliminating a need for an in- house organizational HR infrastructure but a commitment to being customer oriented is a promise from Amalco.

We therefore understand HR requirements by working with individual companies & develop unique HR Management solutions supported by a robust HR Operations infrastructure to deliver to our clients needs. We also combine best practices which are cost effective in providing focused and professional HR Outsourced capability to the Middle East.